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Jeremy Flick — Anonymous (Official Lyric Video)

“Not everything you see is what’s really happening.” A message I believe we all need to hear.

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JF Website: https://www.jeremy-flick.com/
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/595ISx1jDvcT8No6QuZTkp
Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/jeremyflickmusic/

Instagram: @Jeremy.Flick
Twitter: @JeremyKyleFlick
Snapchat: @Flickjeremy
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeremyflick/

Lyric Video created by Josiah Lowe
Lyrics by Jeremy Flick – Anonymous

I am anonymous
They used to follow this
They used to call me up
Now they can call me a hypocrite

Who gonna pay for a double click
Who gonna beg for a comment
Seek approval of acquaintances
Nobody’s been the same ever since

It’s time to swallow the medicine
No it’s not just the millenials
If our generation’s degenerative 
Your generation’s inadequate

Generation is irrelevant
Nobody’s blaming the media
You’re a consumer if you got a phone
Or ever been using the internet

I am anonymous
I am the bottomless pit
Scrolling through all of the pics
Stalking a friend of a friend who is out getting lit

Everything seen is so relevant
What is the meaning of relevance?
Comparing me to who’s better than
Anything I ever did,
Not everything you see is what’s really happening, uh

This ain’t me crying for help, nah
This is me talkin’ to myself, yeah
Why can’t people talk to other people ?
Why are we told we don’t need to?

It’s overstated “I am all I need”
That’s a blanket statement it’s been God in me
That’s an undertaking I confided in me
Maybe I’m mistaken maybe I been asleep

“I don’t follow people who don’t follow me”
How am I judging someone based upon their feed
Now I suffer from comparison embarrassed and
I’m scared to post or like a single tweet

Typing a post then I hit delete
This is what media did to me
Or did I to it to myself, I can’t even tell
Am I just a product of me?

I am anonymous
Come take a shot of this
Tell me what you got to lose
My influence gives you purpose

Tell me what you think is cool
Tell me it’s Anything I did
Tell me it’s everything that I did
Our way of life is vicarious

I am anonymous
Just one of the hypocrites
Go ahead check on your following 
Before you write the hypothesis

What do you think at the thought of me?
Have I been staying on top of it?
Do you think I have enough hashtags?
Do you think I have enough followers?

I am anonymous
Don’t forget to unfollow this
Our view of reality is sick
Half of the world should be vomiting

I am anonymous
Wait, before you unfollow this
You’re the exception to the rule
And everyone else is anonymous


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