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Will Smith & Martin Lawrence Video Celebrates Bad Boys 26th Anniversary #

Will Smith & Martin Lawrence have taken to social media for a short video that celebrates the 26th anniversary of action-comedy blockbuster, Bad Boys.

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A new video from Will Smith and Martin Lawrence celebrates 26 years since the Bad Boys franchise was first launched. Back in 1995, Smith’s big screen acting career was just beginning to take off, and his role in the action-comedy film was exactly what he needed to catapult him into a new level of stardom.

At the same turn, Lawrence had been on a similar path as Smith during the ’90s. His TV sitcom, Martin, was a huge hit, though arguably not as impactful or popular as Smith’s The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. As a stand-up comedian, Lawrence was known to be a far more controversial star than Smith, even going so far as being banned for life from SNL, after his opening monologue as host in 1994 was riddled with misogynist jokes. However, once Smith and Lawrence were put on screen as Miami police detectives, Mike Lowrey (Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Lawrence), instant chemistry seemed to develop. This chemistry helped Bad Boys to gross over $100 million worldwide – an especially impressive feat given the film’s $19 million budget. From there, the film’s popularity only grew, resulting in a 2003 sequel and most recently, the third entry in the franchise, 2020’s Bad Boys For Life.

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With the popularity of the Bad Boys franchise being what it currently is, it only seems natural that Smith and Lawrence would be eager to celebrate having it in their lives. As it happens, 2021 marks the 26th anniversary of the first film in the series, and Smith didn’t miss the opportunity for doubling down on the commitment he and Lawrence have for Bad Boys. Writing, “When we say FOR LIFE we mean it. Bad Boys came out 26 years ago today!” on a recent Instagram post, Smith gave fans a little celebratory video

For those who truly love the Bad Boys franchise, Smith and Lawrence’s video is more than just a special anniversary treat. It also offers assurance that there’s no immediate end in sight for continued explorations into the lives of detectives Lowrey and Burnett. As of this writing, a fourth Bad Boys film is already in pre-production and its performance will likely determine if and when a fifth film is in the cards. The success that surrounded Bad Boys For Life was unfortunately cut short last year when the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered cinemas, but regardless of this setback, it went on to become 2020’s highest grossing film at the US domestic box office.

It’s hard to believe that Smith and Lawrence have managed to maintain their onscreen chemistry for 26 years already, and it’s even harder to believe that the Bad Boys franchise continues to thrive in 2021. But just as Smith’s fame doesn’t seem to show any signs of decline, neither does this beloved franchise. Lawrence’s popularity may not be what it was during the 1990s, but together the two stars have created something that has survived the test of time – certainly no easy task to pull off.

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